An ATX-Case for:

6x High-End Video Cards
2x Power Supply
ATX Mainboard

Ideal for Mining, GPU-Rendering etc.
19" Rack-mountable, stackable

We're working on it, stay tuned!

Litecoin Mining

When you are mining for crypto currency where no ASICs are available, like Litecoin, Dogecoin, or Myriad, nothing beats GPU power. A mining rig needs as many graphics cards as possible. Since there are no suitable computer cases available, miners often build their own. But there is no more need for a milk crate case: Z-Rig offers the same, open design for up to 6 graphics cards, but is much more sturdy and professional. And ready made.

Dogecoin, Litecoin and Myriad for mining with GPU

GPU Render Farm

While 3d render engines used to rely solely on fast processors, more and more renderers use the power of graphics cards instead and are easily 100x faster:

NVIDIA OptiX Ray Tracing Engine, Arion, FurryBall, Octane Render, V-Ray RT GPU are just some of the render engines. And most can use as many GPUs as you can add to your mainboard. But since the top NVIDIA and ATI Video Cards take up two PCIe-slots, the room usually is limited.

Finally, there is a professional case to house six video cards, no matter how narrow your mainboard is.


NVIDIA CUDA is a technology that allows to distribute any processor work to any number of GPUs. In Z-RIG, you can mount up to six NVIDIA Tesla, or 6 NVIDIA Titan Z. That is 12 GPU-cores! The necessary PCIe-risers are already included.